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A Place to Drool over your Favourite Crush!!

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GOT A CRUSH??? Well here is the place to admit it...

No one will know except us??? It will be our little secret-

It could be someone you know...
Got a crush on:-

Your boss
Your Best friend's dad
A Married man
Your Teacher!!

Or a Fandom Crush...
Do you Love
300, alan rickman, billy zane, carmine giovinazzo, christian bale, colin farrel, colin firth, daniel craig, daniel radcliffe, david duchovney, david tennant, david wenham, dylan moran, edward norton, eric bana, ewan macgregor, fangirl, george clooney, gerard butler, gerry butler, harry potter, heath ledger, hugh dancy, hugh grant, hugh jackman, ioan gruffud, jake gyllenhaal, james mcavoy, jamie bamber, jeremy northam, joaquin phoenix, john cusack, johnny depp, joseph fiennes, jude law, karl urban, keanu reeves, keira knightley, lord of the rings, luke wilson, marton csokas, matt damon, michael fassbender, movies, oded fehr, orlando bloom, owen wilson, potc, ralph fiennes, robert downey jr, ron livingston, ryan reynolds, scarlett johanssen, sean bean, seth green, simon pegg, star wars, stephen dorf, thomas kretschmann, tomb raider, vampires, viggo mortensen.

It doesn't matter who it is...

This is the place to admit and divulge ALL!!!